how to save instagram photos

Unfortunately, you can not download multiple photos together. You can either enter the username and download the photos one by one, or paste each photo's URL to the box and download it that way.

The photos you download via this service are kept in the same quality. No changes in the photo's quality are made so that you can download them in the original, high-quality format.

Our servers are equipped with the latest technology, but in some exceptional circumstances, there may be minor technical problems. One of the biggest reasons is the high demand resulting in a high load on our servers. Many people download photos at the same time, which can create problems in the system. In such cases, you may see some error messages. If you experience a problem like this, wait for a short while and try again. If the problem still occurs, contact us. Our WhatsApp customer care service is 24/7 online.

how to save instagram photos


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